You’ve Got Loads of Customer Data – But What Are You Doing With It?


As your business has grown, you have accumulated multitudinous amounts of Customer data which lies within your IT infrastructure across your company’s departments.

So much Customer data can appear disorganised and disconnected from those who really need to access it especially if you are in the Marketing and Sales operations where data intelligence is vital if you want to find out about Customer interactions and I am not just talking about CRM systems.

Understanding how your Customers engage with your business starts with interrogating all the data from different departments and systems such as Operations and Finance and find out where the relevant Customer Touchpoints are. You can then integrate this with your CRM system which will have the other data such as web analytics, social media management, call centre/ support, values etc and organise it in one manageable area.

Once your Marketing and Sales team knows how your Customers are engaging with you, you can use this information to reach out to your Customer base and start to generate regular communications with them in the form of surveys, follow ups and referrals. This will also help you to understand who your “ideal” Customer is across your products and/or services.

Adding this customer demographic segmentation and profiling will further enhance your knowledge of the data so you can develop the top 20% of customers and move the other 80% up the value chain. All this will undoubtedly give you an edge against your competitors as many businesses don’t manage the data as they should, especially when it comes to finding out more about their Customers.

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