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Profile your Customer database to understand the Customer Experience

Your Customer database is an untapped asset. For Customer Profiling, I will 80/20 your database so you know who your best customers are and what value they represent. I will then contact a representative selection of your top customers and with permission, do a 1 to 1 phone call with them. Questions would be agreed to identify what they think of your company from a brand and service/product perspective – essentially understand the Customer Experience.

The subsequent results will give you a good idea of how your typical customer profile might look like.

Using Customer Demographics
and Segmentation

If your business is in the B2C sector then it would be valuable to find out where your ideal Customers are, not only by postcode but also by income, lifestyle, and interests.

With this information, you can target your Customers more precisely and make your marketing budgets much more effective in winning more sales.

The 80/20 Rule
and GDPR

80% of your revenue is generated by 20% of your customers so you need to know which ones represent your 20%. Concentrating on your top 20% will generate your ideal customer profile which you can use to get more business from existing customers as well as using it as a brief to target new customers. The 80% can also be profiled with a view of getting them up the value chain.

By now you need to be GDPR compliant to make sure your business AND database are fit for purpose to meet future Data Protection requirements.

Why businesses choose me

Whatever your requirement, the first meeting is complimentary so we can have an open and frank discussion about how you can use Customer profiling and segmentation to move your Business forward and at the same time generate some ideas. You have the choice of either putting these ideas into practice yourself or outsourcing the solution to me.

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