Getting the Business

Customer Profiling

You’ve done all the groundwork – NOW get the business.

Here’s 6 of the best that will make that happen.

Your website is sorted ready for enquiries;  your database is profiled so you know who to talk to in the right market with the right message; and all your marketing has been produced, sent out and emailed.

Now you need to convert all this activity into sales leads and ultimately, paying customers so follow these rules.

  1. When you follow up be persistent as it will take more than one letter, one  email, one phone call to actually get a quality response. In fact don’t be surprised if you have to make up to 12 follow up calls!!
  2.  Measure all your marketing activity; make changes to messages and headlines and test new ideas through social media, email and direct response.
  3. Make sure you try ALL the avenues within the online and offline marketing mix and measure their effectiveness – The choices are many including seminars and exhibitions
  4. Create a referral programme for customers to pass on recommendations to their friends and business contacts + get testimonials
  5. Create a video(s) of what you do in the form of “help” guides and create free information leaflets for download
  6. Create interesting web content that is related to your business either from news items or within your industry and send links to your contacts

If you want some help on this please call me Jamie Allan on 07786 228553 or contact me here.