Attracting More Customers Using Demographics

Customer Profiling and Demographic

For B2C Marketers, attracting more customers using demographics is a powerful tool for any and every B2C business. Marketing is arguably the most important business cost as it is an investment to acquire more customers or clients and therefore must be carefully deployed across the marketing mix.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the trouble is I don’t know which half’ believed to be said by US businessman John Wanamaker so to win new customers and generate additional sales from existing customers, it needs to be done cost effectively.

Demographics is a powerful solution when looking for more customers or clients. Through the lifestage and lifestyle process, Customers want specific products or services at a certain times in their life so  targeting the most appropriate types of people to sell to, at the right time, will ensure that money is not wasted on selling products that don’t match the interests of your target market.

So the question ‘how can demographics find you more customers’ is supported with other thoughts like:

  • What relevant markets could be targeted based on housing type e.g you may struggle to promote gardening services to people living in apartments.
  • Who is more likely to want my products/ services – by gender or by age?
  • What about commuters – do your products or services have an appeal to this market in which case there are probably other channels to consdider such as publications or promotional channels.

How will Effective Use of Demographics Help You Increase Sales?

The more you know about which customer type is most likely to use your product, the easier it is to develop a profile of your customer. This customer or client profile can identify all the key areas that you need such as gender, age range, housing type, education background, interests/ hobbies, family size and make-up, levels of wealth, car ownership etc. Knowing how your customers think is also important – are they instinctively savers or spenders, are they interested in convenience, are they brand buyers, do they buy for quality or expediency? This is where a quality UK demographic analysis system can help you to answer these questions.

Running a business is about serving the needs of your customers. No Customers = No business. Understanding the needs of your potential customers is vital if you want to find more of them and once known, this knowledge can generate the answers to such questions as:

  • Where should I promote my product or service?
  • Where in terms of physical locations do potential customers live?
  • Which promotional channels should I use?
  • Where should I locate my business or additional retail or service units?
  • How should I talk to my customers, what tone of voice should I use?
  • What key benefits do your products have for your customers?
  • What are they buying from you, is it a product or is it a convenience? Are they buying a drill or a hole?

The answer to the question ‘how do I get more customers’ is to first establish what type of people you are looking for and then, once known,  you can start planning to find more customers.