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“I needed to focus more “on the business” so Jamie worked alongside me to profile our existing customer database which clarified what types of business were best for PanaEpos and where we should concentrate our efforts looking for more of the “right” business. Processes were then put in place to provide a great customer experience that cemented our relationship with our customers as well as increasing internal productivity. Sales and Support now work together to concentrate their time where we can get additional selling opportunities from both new and existing customers. In conclusion, profiling the customer database has been a real benefit for us and has enabled us to grow our business and buy a local competitor who was retiring.”
John Mills – Managing Director, PanaEpos Ltd

“Jamie just gets customer profiling and how to use a CRM system to properly benefit a business. I’ve known him for many years now and his knowledge and expertise always impresses me and his advice is top notch!” 
Neil Foley – Business Growth Club

‘I’ve known Jamie Allan in business for 15 years, he has always conducted himself with utmost integrity and professionalism. Jamie has continually evolved his skills and knowledge to provide a relevant and exceptional business service to companies I have share holdings in.’
James Howells – Director of donttravelempty.com

“What a total pleasure it was to have someone willing to give me a few minutes of their time to walk me through GDPR in a way that even I could understand. I had asked, in an online forum, if there was an idiot’s guide somewhere for numpties like me and Jamie offered to call me to discuss my concerns. Not only did he call me, he had carried out his own research on my website, he took the time to explain it all to me in a simple way and he put my mind at rest. I have a couple of things to do to my website, to make it secure and I need to make some changes to the way I answer enquiries but, apart from that, I’m ok. What a relief that I don’t need to delete all my emails! Thanks Jamie. You’re a gent”
Glynn Burrows – Business Owner, Norfolk Tours

“We used Jamie Allan as the Sales Coach to help us with our TeleMarketing, Direct mail and Email marketing. The target was to achieve a 20% increase in courses – so far there has been a 40% growth for courses booked for the following year. As a result our market share has increased in East Anglia by 20%. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jamie if you want to get more sales for your business.”
David Pratt – Managing Director, Anglia Business Academy

“I asked Jamie to re-visit our database as a customer care follow up programme. Not only did he manage to win over some awkward clients from the past but he also managed to sell additional products and services and gain valuable referrals as a result. Jamie is not only a great sales and marketing guy but he also has the right approach to develop strong relationships with clients. ”
Richard Dix – Managing Director, Rural Broadband

“I negotiated a deal with Jamie Allan for his organisation to provide consulting services to Habitat. He was very fair and open yet clearly managed to strike a deal that was a win-win for both parties, achieving my budgetary constraints and need for the right kind of people on the project without blowing all his own margins! Not the typical “pushy sales guy” – very collaborative and client focused.”
Clare Rayner – Programme Manager, Habitat (Now runs Retail Acumen and is a regular on BBC as a Retail Expert)

“Over the 3 years that Jamie worked as interim Director of Sales and Marketing, he won significant new business with Tier 1 retailers as well as a 3 year framework agreement with a leading utility company thereby over achieving his targets over this period.”
Paul Sandford – Managing Director, Nemea Consulting

“Jamie Allan’s contribution to Javelin Logistics Solutions Limited was unparalleled to getting the company off to a flying start. Jamie’s support and guidance for sales, marketing and general business knowledge was unrivalled. I recommend him to any aspiring business or someone looking for a further dynamic to their Sales & Marketing approach.”
Chris Rowe and the Team – Javelin Logistics Solutions Limited

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