Planning and Organisation

Customer Planning

So now you have an idea of your MARKET – MESSAGE – MEDIA. Now it’s time to plan how you are going to get new business. By making sure you have done your basic homework on your prospects, you are now ready to plan your approach.
• Is your website optimised for managing new traffic. Do you have a reason for people to want to buy from you and is there something you can offer “FREE” to start the relationship?
• Set objectives. What do you need to succeed? Work with your Manager – don’t forget that they will benefit too!
• Define you own targets; by value and the conversation ratio you need to achieve those targets
• Database profiling – now you have segmented your database, you now need to find out why your existing customers buy and identify where you could win early business with new prospects.
• Consider looking at “Other Peoples Customers” who are also operating in your market. There may be joint venture opportunities providing it’s non-competitive.
• Plan your sales approach by making sure you cover key qualification areas. MANDACT! –

o Money – Do they have any?
o Authority – Make sure you are talking to the right level of personnel.
o Need – Do they want it; will whatever you have be relevant for their business?
o Decision criteria – Sales cycle; what is the process to final decision?
o Ability to deliver – Can you actually provide what a customer may ask for?
o Competition – Ask who else is bidding.
o Timing – when will decision be made?

• Understand and make the most of cold calling and use social media to reduce the “coldness” of the call. Despite the tendency for some organisations to position cold calling as a lowly de-skilled canvassing or enquiry-generation activity, cold calling increasingly enables sales people to become more strategic and significant in the sales function. Aim for 15 to 20 new QUALITY calls per day BUT profile who your best prospects are first.
• Manage your time. Work on those prospects where you can see early wins; the “low hanging fruit”.
• Discover what the current supplier arrangements are; can you match or better them? Assess what the present supplier’s reaction is likely to be if their business is at threat. Try and get on competitor mailing lists and see what you are up against!
• What are your communication methods? Telephone, letter, email; make sure any content is clear and meets your requirements to either progress the sale or maintain the relationship.
• Be clear about why they should listen to you and how are you going to make a difference to their business
• Deal with objections – use referrals and case studies
• Ask open questions to gain information
• Close to get the meeting


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