Case Studies


Business Issue

The Managing Director needed to focus more “on the business” rather than “in the business” which meant that there was a requirement for a complete review of the customer and prospect engagement process covering customer data management, sales and support.


I worked alongside the Managing Director to profile their existing customer database which clarified what types of business were best for PanaEpos and where they should concentrate their efforts looking for more of the “right” business. This started with contacting all customers for a 1 to 1 call to get feedback on their perception of PanaEpos and how they could work together in future. It also provided an ideal opportunity to cleanse and update the database.  To find sales opportunities, each customer was taken through the list of current services and those interested in more information were duly noted and passed to sales. A key question was on support timings so a revised support structure was created.


PanaEpos now have a customer database that has been profiled to reflect 80/20 where the 20% represent the top customers and the typical size of ideal business. This profile was used to target similar businesses which resulted in significant additional sales. A 4 tier support process was also create to provide a great customer experience that cemented their relationship with their customers as well as increasing internal productivity. Sales and Support now work together to concentrate their time where PanaEpos can get additional selling opportunities from both existing  and new customers.


Profiling the customer database and introducing the 4 tier support process has been a real benefit for PanaEpos and has enabled them to grow their business targeting prospects that match their ideal profile. They even had the opportunity to buy a local competitor which gave them additional scope in the market.