10 Marketing Ideas for Retailers

Marketing Ideas

1. Marketing is all about understanding your CUSTOMER and what is best for them. Break down your existing database by profiling and segmenting your customers to see where you have been doing your best business. You can then use this information to:

  • Invest in new data.
  • Upsell other services e.g. complementary offers, package discounts and guarantees.
  • Revisit lost or lapsed customers

2. If you want ordinary results – Follow the rules. If you want EXTRAordinary results – Break the rules. Every retailer needs a USP – You have to be Different and Unusual to succeed in the mass of information that is flying about out there!

3. People buy stories NOT things. Tell prospects and customers the story behind your great product and why it will make a difference to them.

4. Get a good Website and keep the content flowing. Profile your products and come up with reports like “the 5 reasons why you should……..”, create “how to” videos, create DVD sets; make it easy for customers and prospects to know about you and get to know you.

5. Money isn’t always the key driver for buying – it’s more about the WHO is doing the buying and the certainty that your product will deliver to their expectations. Always think about how your product can solve the customers problem and the benefits that ensue.

6. Your biggest Asset is your Database – Build it well and look after it and it will look after you.

7. Don’t copy what “The Market” does – if you do, you’ll be like them. Do what you always do and you’ll get what you always get. Be different – Break the Mould.

8. Make sure you have a robust Marketing System to manage your marketing – online with information reports; offline with direct marketing. Make it work 24/7.

9. Look at developing Joint Ventures with other retailes targeting your clients but who operate in a non-competitive area.

10. Test advertising strategies and headlines using Google Adwords, Facebook, Video and Re-marketing.

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